2017 Annual Commission Update

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Course Instructor: Steve Olson

4 CE Credits

Cost: $40.00

Description: YES, this is the class you need every year!


Demystifying Commercial Real Estate

Commercial pictureCourse Instructor: Jon Goodman
Continuing Education: 4 CE Credits
Cost: $40

Description:  If you have ever thought about working in Commercial Real Estate but didn’t know where to start, START HERE!


Divorce Issues in CO Real Estate

Divorce pictureCourse Instructor: Gregg Greenstein
Continuing Education: 4 CE Credits
Cost: $40

Description: Family Law Attorney, Gregg Greenstein, teaches in this four hour webinar how to:

  • Avoid errors that may result in claims against you and deter a successful closing.
  • Develop time management skills when helping divorcing persons.
  • Identify divorce-related problems in the transaction.
  • and much more….

Oil & Gas Issues for the Licensed Real Estate Broker

mineral rights (2)
Course Instructor: Attorney Maria Petrocco
3 CE Credits
Cost: $30.00
This class will give you a general understanding of mineral rights and how such rights affect a residential real estate transaction.


Water Law

Bottle of water in shopping trolley on the palmCourse Instructor: Doug Barber
Continuing Education: 4 CE Credits
Cost: $40

Description: This class will not make you a water expert, but it will teach you what you need to be aware of when selling property with water, water rights, and wells.


What’s It Worth

House and money
Course Instructor: Steve Olson
4 CE Credits
Cost: $40.00
If you are interested in better understanding value and how to utilize appraisal valuation techniques, then this class is for you.

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